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Founding Directors

Kristy Taylor and Deborah Schnitzer

Living Story Project is an initiative focused on storytelling to foster connection, creativity, and community. Stories allow us to better understand what is often incomplete, untold, or hidden in prevailing mainstream narratives.

Using an array of oral and written storytelling traditions from across the globe, Living Story Project creates an inclusive space for interactive and dynamic conversations about issues that matter.

While Living Story Project’s theme-based events centre around specific topics regarding the human experience, it is the vitality of the conversations among participants that generate community-learning and bring these topics to life. The objective of Living Story Project is to connect people to themselves, to one another, to place, and to time.

Old Woman, once banished, is resurfacing in the lives of people — young and old — within culture and in relation to the earth. Old Woman\: Myths and Stories of the Wise Woman Archetype invited the Winnipeg community to reconnect with old woman wisdom, to reimagine aging and rediscover the profound importance of mentoring relationships between old and young. These two half-day workshops were attended by 120 people The Good Will Social Club on Janurary 25th and February 9th of 2019.

A three-hour Zoom interactive workshop using the story of Bluebeard exploring predatorial forces that sabotage women’s rights   to live fully took place on Thursday, September 2020, from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m., hosted by Living Story Project.

“In order to banish the predator, we must unlock or pry ourselves and other matters open to see what is inside. We must use our abilities to stand what we see. We must speak our truth in a clear voice. And we must be able to use our wits to do what needs be about what we see.” —Dr. Clarissa Pinkola EstĂ©s – Women Who Run With the Wolves

The story of Bluebeard explores a crisis in culture pervasive in contemporary society. For thousands of years, women’s power, creativity, insight, and knowing have been written out of history. Women have been maligned, muzzled, and murdered by patriarchal predators who contend that women have no integrity of vision, no deep insight, no original voice, and no decisive action.

We all pay a price when women are diminished. Devastating global imbalances—there are many—demonstrate this truth. In Bluebeard, women are hunted and held captive by predatory forces; their freedom depends on discovering the key that unlocks their inner resources—resources long buried, but not destroyed.

In this workshop, we explore these predatorial forces as those that sabotage women’s rights to live fully. In examining both the light and dark aspects of the Saboteur archetype, we track processes of entrapment and liberation. This tracking allows us to ask questions; it exposes the rules, regulations, and conventions that are malignant, divisive, and life-denying within culture.

Reclaiming women’s history, experience, and authority matter to all peoples. This workshop is open to anyone who wishes to engage in this conversation.

Please joins us as we explore the symbolic journey of the Handless Maiden.

This is a profound story about power, identity, and the courage to take one’s life into one’s own hands to reclaim that which has been wrongfully taken.

The tale is a gruesome one. It involves not only the severing of the Maiden’s hands, but also the loss of the only world she has ever known. And yet, in travelling with the Handless Maiden and watching her suffer this dismemberment, we discover the depth of her insight, the range of her resources, the strength of her spirit, and the path that ultimately leads to re-growth.

In this workshop, we explore themes of wandering, endurance, and transformation. The quest within The Handless Maiden provides both strategies and a map for how we, too, might encounter and triumph over our own psychic severing. Undertaking this journey encourages us to access our creative center, and realize our most authentic Self.

This three-hour New Moon workshop will be held on Sunday November 15th, from 7:00PM-10:00PM on Zoom. Participants can expect small and large group discussion, visualization, and personal reflection through writing and representing.

This workshop is open to anyone who wishes to engage in this conversation.

Upcoming Living Story Projects events include three-hour and full-day workshops exploring Mother, The Fisher King, and Maiden, with information available at

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